Love plus size fashion

For people that grew up feeling like they weren’t lovable, love can be a tricky thing. We are all to eager to give, whether it’s a batch of cookies, a blouse, or a blow job. We attach our hopes and expectations to potential friendship and romantic prospects that have no hope of meeting them. We make ourselves too available to people that don’t deserve our time. We abandon ourselves and try to become more of what we think others want from us.

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I see way too many women going through some of the same painful things that I myself went through looking for companionship. If you’re looking for a relationship to complete you or provide validation, you’re most likely going to be attracted to the wrong kind of partner and you won’t be able to give. Whether you’re Plus Size or have a body like Giselle, it seems like no woman is impervious to the sneaking suspicion that she is somehow not enough, and that fear can drive some really strange behavior when it comes to romance.


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