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Although “Casual Friday” is an age-long trend in most developed nations, here in Nigeria, the culture is just catching on and this is the reason I have decided to treat this topic. Most times, as guys, you cannot decide what is appropriate “Just the right amount of casual and corporate”, so let us consider these scenarios

Scenario one: You turn up to work underdressed because you learn that it is going to be a team bonding Friday and you don’t want to seem sartorially uptight. 

Scenario two: You have come to work overdressed because you hear that you are going to be having a meeting with some members of the board of trustees and you’re still trying to seem professional to your superiors thereby scoring some “points”. Either of these is considered a Big fail.

In other to strike a balance, It is imperative to find that sweet spot between sophisticated and chill, to master Casual Friday. We need to understand that “Casual Fridays don’t come by regularly and as such”, when it comes, it presents the perfect opportunity to flash your sartorial cards to your colleagues and establish yourself as a style leader, not a follower, in an office full of black suits and polished shoes.

The idea behind casual Friday is simple, you shouldn’t look like you’re trying to win a fashion show or appear like you’ve just come from the gym; because after all, it is still a work day and you’ve still got clients to see, and things to do.

With our wide variety of casuals and semi casuals at Luceez, we strive to create a look that every everyone wearing Plus Sized clothes can easily pull off again and again, here are essential style pieces for “scoring big” during your next Casual Friday office event.

Despite what others may say, at Luceez we believe the essence of the day is for you to showcase your personal style of fashion even as someone wearing plus sized clothes. One that’ll have you impressing the boss and clients, while keeping you in step with your peers.

  1. Avoid a full suit at all costs. Instead, go for a suit jacket or toned down blazer (if its raining or your offices air conditioning system is always turned on high, else you can easily rock a sweater, which is more casual but still concedes as tailoring, so it’s smart. However, the jacket’s structure will relax a little (cause it’s Casual Friday) compared to a regular business suit. Don’t get me wrong, when I say a jacket, I mean a well tailored jacket or sleeveless sweater, ideally paired with chinos or work-ready jeans. Keep the shape sharp on the shoulder and wear a tie if you’re worried about looking too casual.
  2. You could also style yourself with an Enyce striped shirt (which we stock and have in sizes ranging from 3XL to 5XL), which usually comes in polyester fabric, the patterns are rich vertical lines (Red and Blue) and cost roughly about NGN10,500 (including taxes), a pair of Navy Blue Chinos to tone down the shirt (depending on the color of shirt you choose to wear), averagely a pair of chinos would cost you about NGN11,500. One of the fashion accessories that men tend to neglect but speaks subtly is the Belt. Several times, I have seen well-dressed men totally diminish their overall value with the quality of belt they wear. Personally, I could recommend you several belts brands, but for the sake of the writeup, why not try “Van Heusen”, it is durable, stylish and a perfect complement for you either when going Corporate or Casual. Here at Luceez, it going for only NGN11,000. Nothing speaks “class” like your foot wear, with this in mind, imagine slipping into a Navy-Blue Aldo’s footwear (stocked at Luceez; Size 13) that cost roughly about NGN32,500. I mean, you stepping into that office or meeting and you literally become a show stopper.

As for the to wear-a-tie-or-not debacle? Well, ultimately this depends on the nature of your profession. Bankers, Insurance, Investment Bankers and the likes, the knitted tie is the ultimate smart casual neckwear option, pairing with a Chambray or butcher stripe shirt. Always wear a tie during the working week.

Before going for a pair of Jeans — even a dark-wash pair with no rips — keep in mind what you have planned that day, just in-case you’re pulled into an unexpected meeting. Chinos or a wool trouser are more suitable and you will still look respectable.

But, let us assume that your choice of wear is a pair of Jeans. When it comes to the jeans themselves, a darker wash is always better for the office. Lighter washes tend to appear more casual and give off a certain laissez-faire vibe; a dark jean says you mean business. Whether you opt for a deep blue or an honest black wash, go with a well fitted jean for maximum sleekness. While stylish, it’s pushing the envelope for work wear — unless your office is very relaxed, save the contrast-stitched jeans for club wear, and keep it monochrome.

Here are some features that are automatic deal-breakers for denim in most office situations:

In as much as we stock all sort of denims here, I would not recommend any kind of “distressing” — rips, fringes, worn patches for a casual ware to the office, this should go without saying, really. Discoloration from bleaching or fading that makes the color patchy.

Gear loops, cargo pockets

Large logos or labels is a “No-No” — a small label under the belt is fine, but anything oversized or printed on the legs is too showy. A sportcoat is always going to be your best bet with blue jeans. It’s a clear sign that “hey, yeah, I’m still dressing up here; I’m just keeping it comfortable and relaxed.” Your options for color and pattern are pretty broad.

So long as you steer clear of anything that mimics the jeans too closely, you should be in good shape. Wear a plain white shirt underneath for the most neutral base, or mix it up with some light colors and patterns for a more varied outfit.

I always advise my X-men to Opt for dark neutral colors – a light khaki or tan pair will really make your navy or grey blazer pop.

As stated earlier, relating to casual Friday approved shoes, put away your black cap-toed Oxfords or shiny brown Derbies, step into something more comfortable, for example an Adidas Neo (NGN24,000),  David Stone, An Aldo, these shoes  come with all the hallmarks of a dress shoe they are textured foot friend footwears for those in more corporate fields, while adding some style individuality to your casual office outfit.

Casual Friday Accessories

You might be leaving the tie at home — and belt, but suave accessories have an increased part to play now that you’ve dressed down.

Depending on the occasion, I would not fail to advise “A pocket square,” if there is a possibility that you might be attending a formal meeting during the course of the day. “It adds some personality into your jacket and gives it a flair so you’re different from the other guys at work.”

Play around with sock colors and patterns, and a quality wrist-piece such as an Ecko unlimited or Van Heusen, but yea, u are an unlimited pool when it comes to belts, with our wide variety of choices at Luceez, I am certain of you finding something that fits the bill.

Finally, just imagine after all these, you have a colleague invest time and effort into looking good, and walks into the conference hall and instantly a pungent smell fills the room. In-fact this odor announces his or her arrival long before colleagues sight her. Honestly, there is not excuse for not haven’t good hygiene. Invest in quality bathing accessories, but that isn’t the core of this topic today, what I mustn’t fail to do is to advise that you invest in a very good perfume. The fragrance you wear says a lot about your fashion sense. Depending on the vibe you are trying to pass, pick a fragrance that best passes the message. Some ladies love masculine fragrances, some men prefer the sweet subtle fragrance that are hallmark of female fragrances. Irrespective of your choice, I would advise you still with the following guidelines

  • Avoid “Shouty” fragrances, stick to fragrances that show class and confidence, and not something tacky or loud.
  • Usually, perfumes come as EDT, EDP, OUD. Depending on your budget, pick one category of fragrance.
  • When wearing a plain colored cloth, such as white, and you must use a fragrance with colored liquid, avoid directly spraying the perfume to on to your shirt as this may cause discoloration of your shirt or stain patches here and there. If you must use a colored liquid fragrance, it is advised you spray the fragrance at a 90-degree angel in front of you and walk into the fragrance.    
  • Assuming you can’t immediately get a perfume, please get a good, long lasting “Roll-on”, a deodorant or an anti-perspirant.

Never leave home without wearing a unique fragrance, it speaks for you, it says “I am here, I am worth noticing”. The honest truth is that in the no distant future, we might have to take a topic on Perfumes and how to wear them properly.

Like with must other topics in fashion, it is almost impossible to exhaust the entire topic in one article. It is even more challenging to treat a topic like this were you are expected to balance casual, sporty wears with a corporate, business environment. But if in doubt of what to wear or how best to combine (depending on the activities of your casual Friday), at Luceez, we would be more than happy to help out. Our contact details and outlet locations are detailed on the contact us section of our site , you would be glad you did.

Next week, we would be treating the topic ”Plus Size, Skinny Jeans”. Hope you stay connected because we have a lot to show you. If you have a specific topic you want us to try, kindly reach out to us on 09082693483 (WhatsApp Messages only)

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