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our main focus when buying womens plus size clothing is to create a trimmer silhouette that makes the eye go up and down, instead of side to side. For this you need to pay attention to what details you put on your body frame and how you combine the colors of your outfit.


  1. Ensure proper fit. I know how tempting it is to hide your body in layers and oversized clothes, but they’ll only make you look bigger! Great fit makes sure nothing looks lumpy. Lumpy is frumpy. NOTE: Your bra is especially important – it has to fit to keep your bust up and eliminate unevenness in your silhouette that will only distract the eye.
  2. Get the body scale right. Scaling prints and accessories with your size makes sure you won’t look bigger in comparison.
  3. Strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go up and down. Vertical details are your best friends.

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Success they say is a journey, becoming one requires hard work and determination. there are 5 top habits of successful women-preneurs


  1. Wake up early
  2. Set priorities
  3. Set clear and measurable goals
  4. Work hard consistently
  5. Prepare for tomorrow today

these are selected habits we believe can get you started today.

Hello Luceezites, how do you feel today? We look you to look stylish and classic that why we thought to share this amazing video on 15 amazing ways to tie a scarf stylishly. we saw this video on YouTube and taught we share it with you.


Eyelash extensions are tiny black fibers that resemble eyelashes.. basically, eyelash extensions are artificial lashes attached to natural eyelashes using glue.

These extensions are for enhancing the length, thickness and curl of natural lashes.

If you look closely at the eyes of most female celebrities and wonder how they have such perfect lash?, You notice that their lashes look particularly full and lush. of course a few of them like Liz Taylor are genetically blessed but a lot of them have eyelash extensions on.

The main method of applying the extension is by sticking it to the natural lashes individually using an adhesive.

False lashes and eyelash extensions are not the same. false lashes are worn and taken off on a daily basis, where as eyelash extensions are semi permanent lashes that gives the appearance of one having mascara on without the messy clumps and smudge.

Say farewell to thin and poorly maintained eyebrows, and hello to perfectly framed and sculptured brows with individual eyebrow extensions. This revolutionary new treatment, corrects sparse eyebrows, allowing you to achieve the eyebrows you’ve always desired.

If maintained well, the treatment can last up to 10 days, depending on the process. Extensions that are placed directly on to the skin can last up to 5 days, whereas extensions that are placed on existing hairs can be maintained for around 10 days, if aftercare is followed correctly.

For people that grew up feeling like they weren’t lovable, love can be a tricky thing. We are all to eager to give, whether it’s a batch of cookies, a blouse, or a blow job. We attach our hopes and expectations to potential friendship and romantic prospects that have no hope of meeting them. We make ourselves too available to people that don’t deserve our time. We abandon ourselves and try to become more of what we think others want from us.

Zac Posen has stood up about body differing qualities in design, asserting it is the business’ obligation to guarantee more inclusivity.

Changing body ideals is hugely affected by fashion trends and the curvy woman is a typical example.

Addressing People magazine about the evolving “perfect” body sort all through history he said: “Beliefs change. It is up to design, something I call ‘form tainment’ to change this and guide this.

“There are awesome moves and walks that the media business and the mold business could take (to incorporate all body sorts).”

The fashioner included: “The article message can change and develop — and in the event that you make that “it” minute — that can change an entire culture.”

New York Fashion Week, an event not typically associated with exclusivity, is wrapping up arguably its most successful attempt yet at celebrating diversity. So it’s pretty fitting that this show was one of the last on the roster.