3 Essential Plus Size Style Tips You Should Know

our main focus when buying womens plus size clothing is to create a trimmer silhouette that makes the eye go up and down, instead of side to side. For this you need to pay attention to what details you put on your body frame and how you combine the colors of your outfit.


  1. Ensure proper fit. I know how tempting it is to hide your body in layers and oversized clothes, but they’ll only make you look bigger! Great fit makes sure nothing looks lumpy. Lumpy is frumpy. NOTE: Your bra is especially important – it has to fit to keep your bust up and eliminate unevenness in your silhouette that will only distract the eye.
  2. Get the body scale right. Scaling prints and accessories with your size makes sure you won’t look bigger in comparison.
  3. Strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go up and down. Vertical details are your best friends.

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